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                   By Designmaster Group LLC
Yogalitik sells yoga athletic fitness inspired art expression.


About Us
Myles Mendoza is a practicing Interior Designer that extended her creative talent by designing Yoga related arts.  Yoga is part of her daily workout  and she found enjoyment in connecting to its true meaning through inspired art expression.

Our business was founded in 1980 as Designmaster Ltd. with major focus in retail/office space planning and design.  Yogalitik is a division of Designmaster Group LLC. 

       AHA                GROUNDED                REACH UP                  SOAR                   SOULMATE
                                                                    Our  "3D" Philosophy

                                                                    Define your goals
                                                                    Determine your needs
                                                                    Decide what is important




                           May the New Year be the TURNING POINT

                           to a new direction in your life


                           May you go with the FLOW and still recognize the

                           AHA moments as it unfolds in front of your eyes


                           May the PEACEMAKER in you give you the wisdom

                           not to judge others and respect our differences


                           May your heart SOAR with gladness when you finally

                           realize that your true SOULMATE is yourself


                           May you have the will to REACH UP for your dreams

                           and still be GROUNDED to know what matters


                           May you have the time to look back and say your

                           HEARTFELT thanks to people who helped you in the past


                           May you have more HELLO this time and less GOODBYE

                           to your family and friends who are close to your heart






                                                     Copyrighted YOGALITIK designs: AHA, Grounded, Reach Up, Soulmate                                            
                                   All designs are copyrighted by Yogalitik/Designmaster Group LLC.

     Contact us

           Address: Yogalitik/Designmaster Group LLC
           725 River Road, Suite 32 -162
      Edgewater, NJ 07020

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